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Determined by the need to provide reliable, high-quality diagnostics in the field of Veterinary Medicine in Portugal, DNAtech was founded in 2004.

The first Portuguese veterinary clinical analysis laboratory exclusively dedicated to Veterinary Medicine was born. Since then, every single day has been a bet on new opportunities, new challenges and new achievements. DNAtech grows every day to offer its services to an ever-increasing number of people and locations across the country.

DNAtech trajectory

  1. 2004

    DNAtech is born, the first Portuguese veterinary laboratory exclusively dedicated to the sector of Veterinary Medicine, with a strong commitment to scientific research and innovation.

  2. 2006

    The range of veterinary clinical analysis has been expanded and, based on experience and scientific research work, the DNAtech veterinary laboratory has been extended to include Hematology and Biochemistry, Endocrinology and Cytology.

  3. 2008

    DNAtech pioneered the implementation of real-time PCR in veterinary clinical analysis.

  4. 2009

    This marked the year of the revolution in the DNAtech veterinary clinical analysis laboratory. In addition to changes in the company’s structure, the company’s headquarters were changed and the arrival of Tiago Paiva, the company’s executive director, took place.

  5. 2011

    The opening of new business areas and the investment in innovative equipment allowed DNAtech to double the number of veterinary clinical analysis and turnover compared to 2010.

  6. 2012

    DNAtech’s first international project arose, developing bespoke clinical veterinary tests for a foreign client and helping to detect a number of infectious and contagious diseases that put the reproduction of cattle herds at risk.

  7. 2013

    DNAtech has been certified to work with the radioimmunoassay.

  8. 2014

    This was the year that DNAtech veterinary laboratory reached the 1,200 customer mark.

  9. 2015

    DNAtech is now the official veterinary clinical analysis laboratory for show jumping horses at two of the biggest events on the international calendar: the Atlantic Tour Vilamoura and the Vilamoura Champions Tour.

  10. 2016

    This was the year of expansion: we grew to be closer to all veterinarians in the country. DNAtech opened two more veterinary laboratories: one in Porto and one in Algarve.

  11. 2019

    DNAtech celebrated its 15th anniversary and organized a workshop on Veterinary Hematology with the researcher Josep Pastor, in Lisbon and Porto.


DNAtech’s mission is to offer a differentiating and quality service, which helps veterinary clinics and doctors to quickly reach a reliable and accurate diagnosis.


One of DNAtech’s main rules is to always work as a team with the veterinarian or scientific researcher. Promptness is combined with professionalism, ethics and innovation.


We encourage innovation and creativity by researching, developing and applying new techniques and methodologies in the veterinary medicine laboratory segment.


Promptness and flexibility are crucial in the diagnostic process. This is why we seek to optimize resources and maximize results.


With the help of the best professionals and the most sophisticated equipment, we ensure the excellence of the analysis and clinical veterinary studies performed, as well as the diagnoses presented.


We provide veterinary services independently and autonomously, performing all analysis and clinical studies in our veterinary laboratories. This ensures the accuracy, quality and reliability of the results.


We are committed to civil society, promising to use the means at our disposal to identify and control systemic diseases that may have negative consequences for public health.


Every procedure at DNAtech is carried out with the utmost professionalism. We invite all our clients to visit our veterinary laboratories to learn about the methodologies used and to verify the quality of our work.


We comprise more than 50 professionals and we all work under the same challenge: to guarantee reliable diagnoses to veterinarians. This is the essence of DNAtech in Porto, Lisbon and Algarve. Each one of us contributes with our roles to create a bond that cannot be broken, while acknowledging that we are also people and have a family. It is this spirit and this dedication that our veterinary laboratories transmit to our clients.